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Review On Christina Aguilera’s New Video & Song – “Not Myself Tonight”

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Christina has shown us that she’s musically pretty versatile, and now she has just released her new & lead single from the upcoming album “Bionic”, but she has just dissapointed us with it. “Not Myself Tonight” is nearly a clon of her previous single “Keeps Gettin’ Better”, but worse, the lyrics are dumb, and the music is more robotic than it should be, but it’s not weird coming from producer Polow da Don, who is well known (to me)  for his poor-futuristic sound.

Now, let’s get into the video, a very colorful and high-fashion one, but maybe a little too much. The X-Tina era is back, but, a good choice? I’m not sure, more than putting her own essence as she used to do in her music, this seems to be like a “wannabeGaGa” or “wannabeKesha” (And I’m sure GaGa thinks “that’s too much”…) Does Christina really has to behave in this way to sell? With this video & song she has thrown the classy image she built with years, yes, she’s “Not her self tonight”, but we prefer the old Christina, this is trashy…

By Cesar Camacho

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Review On MGMT’s New Album – “Congratulations”

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I must admit that the psychedelic genre is new for me, I’m not very familiarized with it, and I first listen to this genre with the guys of MGMT, which has been a well recognized band by professional critics (admittedly, I am not professional, just a good listener), thus being named with their previous album “Oracular Spectacular” in 2008 by Rolling Stone as one of the best 20 albums of the decade, is it really?, I do not know, but what I’m sure about is that this album simply is not. The tone ghost inserted into the songs vocals, I mean, is original, but eventually annoying, but not only that, but the lyrics are also not good, just saying , are silly and pointless, except for “Congratulations “the last track, is in my opinion the best song of the entire album, which is a little different than all the others, you do not know if  the songs are ending or if it’s the same one, the majority here sounds similar. However there is a nice moment in the middle, something interesting in the album, which is  “Siberian Breaks” kind of peculiar, since it seems more like a rhapsody, and it would be perfect if it wasn’t for it’s too long lenght  (12 minutes!). The band did not err in deciding not to release  any single from this album, and if so, none would be commercially successful, if you have money and want to buy a good album look for something more, but please, do not buy this one.

Stand-out Tracks: “Congratulations”, “Siberian Breaks”

Total Score: 2/5 = Bad

By Cesar Camacho

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Review On Glee’s New Album “The Power Of Madonna”

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Glee can be one of the most effeminate series of television at the moment, and may be after “High School Musical” leave the empty space of pop musical group on TV, the guys in this series wanted to take, but they didn’t in size “High School” did. This time the cast of glee give us this Extended Play, which includes songs that were used for one of the episiodios series called “The Power Of Madonna”, with a short lenght of 8 tracks, but most surprisingly, the “Glee” guys leave us with nothing new or interesting, being that it may seem that this album is really for karaoke weekend at a social gathering, the background music is not of great quality, (what can happen when not used properly synthesizers) and example of this problem is on the covers of “Express Yourself”, “Borderline / Open Your Heart”, and “4 Minutes”, the songs leave us with much to be desired. But not everything is bad in this tribute to the Queen of Pop Madonna, because I was surprised by the quality of imitation in songs like “Like A Virgin”, “What It Feels Like For A Girl” and “Like A Prayer”, the latter being in my opinion the standout track on the album. There might come a little better if they had left the typical pink high school musical tone, but even with that, the compilation is not bad, is good enough, but just enough, without penalty, and no glory.

Stand-out Tracks:  “Like A Virgin”, “What It Feels Like For A Girl”, “Like A Prayer”

Total Score: 3/5 = Good

By Cesar Camacho

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Review On M.I.A’s New Video – “Born Free”

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There are 3 types of music videos, the good ones, the kind of videos that are nice enough to watch over and over and still you are interested in it. The bad ones, those videos that you watch and say: “What a boring video! I guess there was no budget for it…”. Then we have the historical ones that can go with those of Madonna & Michael Jackson. And then, we have this one, “Born Free”, what can I tell you about this? Disgusting, extremly violent, look for the video if you want, but warning, be sure you really wanna watch it, cause I tell you, it’s EXTREMLY AGRESSIVE to sensitive people. M.I.A has really brought a horrible video, but not only that, this is so disturbing to your mind that it will stay there in your brain for several minutes with those ugly pictures. It’s ok that maybe M.I.A tried to show us what she could saw in her childhood in Sri Lanka, but this is unforgivable, the blood part, the naked couple having sex and when the boy at the end explodes in a very explicit way, this girl has taken “Paper Planes” to the limit, this is… for real… disgusting.

By Cesar Camacho

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Recommendation Of The Week – Boyzone’s “Love Is A Hurricane”

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(BBC Review)

“Love Is a Hurricane” can’t fail to impress. Invigoratingly breezy, and featuring a strong Ronan Keating lead vocal, it’s evidence that Boyzone can raise the pace when it suits them, rare though such instances are.

BBC Review.

The sometimes bad-criticised UK boyband has demostrated with their second single from the first album released (since former Stephen Gately’s death) “Brother”, that they can really do some mature songs according to their age, they must do it. “Love Is A Hurricane” is a very nice song, telling how sometimes love can knock out like a natural disaster, and the video is also impressive.

By Cesar Camacho

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Review On Kesha’s “Your Love Is My Drug”

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So what could be expected as the third single from Kesha? Well, apparently another of her up-tempos that were made to thunder all possible nightclubs around the world, is that unlike in the past single “Blah Blah Blah” we know from the first time we hear “Your Love Is My Drug ” will be severely more successful, even I’m sure it will be the size of “Tik Tok “. Although recently the label was a little confused in determining which would be the third single deciding between it and the wonderful” Take It Off “(And the truth is that the two are just perfect as singles), decided not nothing wrong with” Your Love Is My Drug “, simply and totally catchy, with a joyful noise contagious and before you know it, you are singing or whistling at least,  yes, it is like a “drug” and insurance will be the third Kesha’s megahit  if we count  “Right Round”, and still we wonder, why the hell she didn’t ask for any royalties for the song!!!??

By Cesar Camacho

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Review On Lady GaGa’s “Alejandro”

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(Single Cover)

Lady GaGa’s new single has given a touch of retro to contemporary electronic music, bringing elements similar to those we heard in the 70’s, but still be a masterpiece of music these days, is that GaGa on this song shows us a side more melancholic, not only the lyrics but also with the voice, which is more vulnerable than in the previous two singles “Bad Romance” and “Telephone”, and thus being the most mature song to be released from the start of her career . The synthesizers  mixed with the melody of the violin created an original sound, which is probably the most attracting in music right now, and  knowing  critics have gone from best to worst, on occasions being compared with that hit of ABBA “Fernando”, we still can say that this song is also for the rest of musical history, the chorus, which is comprised of the names of Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto gets to record with catchy choruses that  GaGa mantains from the start, and if it weren’t  for the way she plays the song at the Monster Ball Tour, we might call it an elegant piece, sophisticated.

By Cesar Camacho.

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