Review On Lady GaGa’s “Alejandro”

(Single Cover)

Lady GaGa’s new single has given a touch of retro to contemporary electronic music, bringing elements similar to those we heard in the 70’s, but still be a masterpiece of music these days, is that GaGa on this song shows us a side more melancholic, not only the lyrics but also with the voice, which is more vulnerable than in the previous two singles “Bad Romance” and “Telephone”, and thus being the most mature song to be released from the start of her career . The synthesizers  mixed with the melody of the violin created an original sound, which is probably the most attracting in music right now, and  knowing  critics have gone from best to worst, on occasions being compared with that hit of ABBA “Fernando”, we still can say that this song is also for the rest of musical history, the chorus, which is comprised of the names of Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto gets to record with catchy choruses that  GaGa mantains from the start, and if it weren’t  for the way she plays the song at the Monster Ball Tour, we might call it an elegant piece, sophisticated.

By Cesar Camacho.

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