Review On Glee’s New Album “The Power Of Madonna”

Glee can be one of the most effeminate series of television at the moment, and may be after “High School Musical” leave the empty space of pop musical group on TV, the guys in this series wanted to take, but they didn’t in size “High School” did. This time the cast of glee give us this Extended Play, which includes songs that were used for one of the episiodios series called “The Power Of Madonna”, with a short lenght of 8 tracks, but most surprisingly, the “Glee” guys leave us with nothing new or interesting, being that it may seem that this album is really for karaoke weekend at a social gathering, the background music is not of great quality, (what can happen when not used properly synthesizers) and example of this problem is on the covers of “Express Yourself”, “Borderline / Open Your Heart”, and “4 Minutes”, the songs leave us with much to be desired. But not everything is bad in this tribute to the Queen of Pop Madonna, because I was surprised by the quality of imitation in songs like “Like A Virgin”, “What It Feels Like For A Girl” and “Like A Prayer”, the latter being in my opinion the standout track on the album. There might come a little better if they had left the typical pink high school musical tone, but even with that, the compilation is not bad, is good enough, but just enough, without penalty, and no glory.

Stand-out Tracks:  “Like A Virgin”, “What It Feels Like For A Girl”, “Like A Prayer”

Total Score: 3/5 = Good

By Cesar Camacho

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