Review On M.I.A’s New Video – “Born Free”

There are 3 types of music videos, the good ones, the kind of videos that are nice enough to watch over and over and still you are interested in it. The bad ones, those videos that you watch and say: “What a boring video! I guess there was no budget for it…”. Then we have the historical ones that can go with those of Madonna & Michael Jackson. And then, we have this one, “Born Free”, what can I tell you about this? Disgusting, extremly violent, look for the video if you want, but warning, be sure you really wanna watch it, cause I tell you, it’s EXTREMLY AGRESSIVE to sensitive people. M.I.A has really brought a horrible video, but not only that, this is so disturbing to your mind that it will stay there in your brain for several minutes with those ugly pictures. It’s ok that maybe M.I.A tried to show us what she could saw in her childhood in Sri Lanka, but this is unforgivable, the blood part, the naked couple having sex and when the boy at the end explodes in a very explicit way, this girl has taken “Paper Planes” to the limit, this is… for real… disgusting.

By Cesar Camacho

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