Review On MGMT’s New Album – “Congratulations”

I must admit that the psychedelic genre is new for me, I’m not very familiarized with it, and I first listen to this genre with the guys of MGMT, which has been a well recognized band by professional critics (admittedly, I am not professional, just a good listener), thus being named with their previous album “Oracular Spectacular” in 2008 by Rolling Stone as one of the best 20 albums of the decade, is it really?, I do not know, but what I’m sure about is that this album simply is not. The tone ghost inserted into the songs vocals, I mean, is original, but eventually annoying, but not only that, but the lyrics are also not good, just saying , are silly and pointless, except for “Congratulations “the last track, is in my opinion the best song of the entire album, which is a little different than all the others, you do not know if  the songs are ending or if it’s the same one, the majority here sounds similar. However there is a nice moment in the middle, something interesting in the album, which is  “Siberian Breaks” kind of peculiar, since it seems more like a rhapsody, and it would be perfect if it wasn’t for it’s too long lenght  (12 minutes!). The band did not err in deciding not to release  any single from this album, and if so, none would be commercially successful, if you have money and want to buy a good album look for something more, but please, do not buy this one.

Stand-out Tracks: “Congratulations”, “Siberian Breaks”

Total Score: 2/5 = Bad

By Cesar Camacho

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