Review On Rihanna’s New Song – “Rockstar 101” feat. Slash

First she did it with “Hard”, and now she’s doing it with the fourth U.S single from “Rated R”, and just when we thought “Hard” was like the worst song she ever released “Rockstar 101” comes out. But, how can I start to review this? What is actually passing through my mind right now is: “How can you treat this sh*t as a single??, no, wait, I have one better, HOW CAN YOU TREAT THIS AS AN ALBUM CUT??, HOW COULD SHE PUT THIS INTO THE FINAL TRACK-LIST??!! WHY DID SLASH PARTICIPATE WITH THIS??” Well, let’s recognized it, we shouldn’t be surprised of the poor material here after listening to the new album, that it’s not brilliant at all. “Rockstar 101” is the most boring song I have heard in about 5 months, the music is not gracious enough, the lyrics are dumb and pointless, saying a lot, but actually telling nothing, and it is too long, 4 minutes for the same annoying tune and boring chorus. But the most shocking part on this is the Slash colaboration, his guitar melody is almost in the whole song, but not as Slash use to play, and actually you won’t realize that he’s featured in this song if you don’t read on the track-list “feat. Slash”, believe me, you wouldn’t notice it, his participation here is empty and replaceable, and readers, I promise you, if this ever become a hit, I’ll cut my left testicle, I promise! She can have lots of money, but baby, you’ll never be a “Rockstar”.

By Cesar Camacho

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