Review On Rihanna’s New Song – “Rude Boy”

“Rude Boy” is Rihanna’s third official U.S single from her new album “Rated R”, but it hasn’t been until now that she’s getting heavy attention from radio and listeners, and it’s not unusual that her record label wanted to release the best song on her new album after the lackluster  success of her lead single “Russian Roulette” and and fugacious second single “Hard”, but the record company did not err in deciding “Rude Boy” as third single, because of the nice reagge-pop sound with a very, very radio-friendly beat. The lyrics are catchy and a little too much naughty, maybe the naugthiest song since “Please Don’t Stop The Music”, and of course, the only song on “Rated R” that can go with those hits of previous album “Good Girl Gone Bad”. Rihanna’s new song will totally be a hit, but I have to say, there is no other song on the album that will make it, she has just played the best card she held in her hand and  maybe we won’t listen to another Rihanna’s smash hit until she releases a new album, we only hope that Rude Boy’s success would be enough to remember her until the next album, cause certainly, if she doesn’t go back to the “Umbrella” era, she can be sure that Lady GaGa and Kesha will lead the charts instead of her (as she used to). (And I keep wondering, why does she want a Rude Boy? Didn’t she understand what happened with Chris, and damn, he was rude… very rude)

By Cesar Camacho

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