Review On Muse New Single – “Exogenesis: Symphony”

“Exogenesis: Symphony” is an instrumental piece conformed by 3 different parts, “Exogenesis Part 1 (The Overture)”, “Exogenesis Part 2 (Cross-Pollination), and “Exogenesis Part 3 (The Redemption)” all comoposed by Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy. The 3 parts conform a total lenght of 13 minutes and are the last 3 songs of “The Resistance”. This “symphony” has just been released as a single in the U.S, but I have to say, that more than a symphony, this is like a rock-solo, and very similar to what we have heard on “Viva La Vida Or Death To All His Friends” Coldplay album. This set of songs is pretty interesting, but for sure the best part is the final one, “The Redemption”, the whole set starts with the intro that is the most rock part of the symphony with Matthew’s excelent falsetto interpretation that you can confuse with those vocals of an opera singer, then we have the second part, that has a slower melody combined with piano, and then the final part, this one transformed in a total instrumental ballad. “Exogenesis: Symphony” is interesting enough to look for, but is not a classical, or at least a Symphony cause it doesn’t contains too much different instruments, but in the World of Rock, it is excelent, and Muse fans will be pleased, is it a right choice for a single for the U.S musical market? No, but nowdays music need a change, and this can be the “step one”.

By Cesar Camacho

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One Response to “Review On Muse New Single – “Exogenesis: Symphony””

  1. ChronicallyQuixotic Says:

    Great review, Cesar. Totally agree with your opinion on this Muse single. I hope it gets a wider audience.

    I enjoy reading your music reviews and look forward to your next posts.

    Thank you 🙂


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