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Review On Katy Perry’s New Single – “California Gurls”

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“California Gurls” is the new and lead single from Katy Perry’s up-coming album yet to be titled. This song features Snoop Dogg’s rap and to be honest, he does it pretty good here. “California Gurls” seems to be the response of Jay-Z’s “Empire State Of Mind” as Katy stated, but, is this as good as Jay-Z’s? It is. Her new single is joyful and it’s very light, totally a summer hit about L.A’s best part, the girls. Even though this ain’t too different from what Katy has done this is pretty interesting, it’s like “Hot N Cold” meets “Waking Up In Vegas” and the comparission with the last one is heavy. Finally, we don’t have here another sex anthem in ways like Kesha, GaGa, Aguilera or Cyrus, this has Perry’s label, and yes, it worths…

By Cesar Camacho

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Review On Miley Cyrus New Video & Song – “Can’t Be Tamed”

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“Can’t Be Tamed” is the new single from Miley’s new album with same title “Can’t Be Tamed”, but, honestly, this is too different from what Cyrus has done before, I mean, she’s not the “See You Again”, “7 things” or Hanna anymore, she’s reflecting a more adult image this time, but to be this the step one for her new era, well, it’s very weak. “Can’t Be Tamed” has a little bit of various nowdays female artists, so it’s not something fresh, it’s kind of Shakira’s “She Wolf” and Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight”, but worse. The electronic music used on the track is not excelent at all, and the lyrics and vocals at this point you have to wonder, does Miley really has a good voice for this? She tries hard to sound sexy, but is more like teen-desperate 17 years old girl who’s trying to seem like a grown woman. Would it be a hit? No, of course it won’t.

Now let’s the see the video, it starts with a nature freak represented by Cyrus, but is in that part when it seems like GaGa, and the cage tend to remain Shakira’s “She Wolf” video, but Miely doesn’t explode the Shakira’s sexiness (and thank God, she’s too young). Is in the second half of the video when it starts with a Beyoncé and Britney mood, but not at the same way, like I said, this first step is weak, very weak. But to be real, does Miley has to take it? Cause we liked more the old Miley, the next-door girl, and these days, we have now lots of fake GaGas.

Review On Justin Bieber’s New Album – “My World 2.0”

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Within two months of release, My World went platinum and two of its singles hit the Top 20, making Justin Bieber an almost inescapable teen pop phenomenon. This ten-song disc, which follows its seven-song predecessor by just over four months, is intended to be the second half of his debut rather than a true follow-up. It’s a shrewd ploy that benefits his insatiable following — much of which could be into something else by 2011-2012 — and, in turn, his sales. The two releases are certainly of a piece, filled with upbeat R&B-flavored pop songs with a few ballads that might be termed adult contemporary if the singer happened to be of age. Bieber makes all the right, charming moves for a teen, and he covers all the bases. The dance-pop songs are light on the ears yet memorable; the unrequited material sounds deeply felt; the ballads have all the necessary us-against-the-world teen-love dramatics (though the references in “Stuck in the Moment,” featuring Bonnie & Clyde and Sonny & Cher among other doomed couples, make zero sense on a song voiced by a peppy 16-year-old in 2010). As with My World, everything is age-appropriate. “She says she needs a little company,” sung with the slightest wink in the eye, is as racy as it gets, and even then, Bieber projects an image that is utterly harmless.

Stand-out Tracks: “Baby”, “Somebody To Love”, “Runaway Love”

Total Score: 4/5 = Excelent

By Andy Kellman

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Review On Rihanna’s New Song – “Rockstar 101” feat. Slash

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First she did it with “Hard”, and now she’s doing it with the fourth U.S single from “Rated R”, and just when we thought “Hard” was like the worst song she ever released “Rockstar 101” comes out. But, how can I start to review this? What is actually passing through my mind right now is: “How can you treat this sh*t as a single??, no, wait, I have one better, HOW CAN YOU TREAT THIS AS AN ALBUM CUT??, HOW COULD SHE PUT THIS INTO THE FINAL TRACK-LIST??!! WHY DID SLASH PARTICIPATE WITH THIS??” Well, let’s recognized it, we shouldn’t be surprised of the poor material here after listening to the new album, that it’s not brilliant at all. “Rockstar 101” is the most boring song I have heard in about 5 months, the music is not gracious enough, the lyrics are dumb and pointless, saying a lot, but actually telling nothing, and it is too long, 4 minutes for the same annoying tune and boring chorus. But the most shocking part on this is the Slash colaboration, his guitar melody is almost in the whole song, but not as Slash use to play, and actually you won’t realize that he’s featured in this song if you don’t read on the track-list “feat. Slash”, believe me, you wouldn’t notice it, his participation here is empty and replaceable, and readers, I promise you, if this ever become a hit, I’ll cut my left testicle, I promise! She can have lots of money, but baby, you’ll never be a “Rockstar”.

By Cesar Camacho

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Review On Black Eyed Peas Song – “Rock That Body”

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“Rock That Body” will serve as the official 5th single from the B.E.P’s album “The E.N.D”, and what can I tell  you about this? Magnificient, is that recently the B.E.P are thundering the radio since last year having a worldwide succes with previous singles “Boom Boom Pow”, “I Gotta Feeling”, “Meet Me Halfway” & “I’mma Be”, three of them reaching #1 on Billboard Hot 100 (“Meet Me Halfway” the only exception) and “Rock That Body” is adding to the list, but when did B.E.P learned how to create excelent electro-pop music? Well, with Guetta’s help as producer, the question is answered. This song can be compare to previous Daft Punk work, but what makes this more interesting are the rap verses provided by, Taboo, and Apl, “Power full of energy!” and also Fergie’s auto-tune vocals, the well used synthesizers and double-beat on the track. There’s no doubt this will be next B.E.P’s megahit.

By Cesar Camacho

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Review On AC/DC’s Compilation Soundtrack – “Iron Man 2”

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AC/DC remain reluctant to anthologize their music in anything resembling a greatest-hits collection, but they’re perfectly willing to repackage those old tunes as soundtracks, whether it’s in the form of Who Made Who for Stephen King’s sleazo exploitation Maximum Overdrive, or in the mega-blockbuster Iron Man 2. Who Made Who had an appealing, low-rent quality but Iron Man 2 is jacked-up and juiced-up, with all the airbrushed abs disguising what is a pretty anemic collection of oft-played AC/DC staples. A bunch of biggies are here — “Back in Black,” “If You Want Blood (Youv’e Got It),” “Let There Be Rock,” “Highway to Hell,” “T.N.T.” — but just as many are missing, replaced by aggro album tracks. Macho is the name of the game here, with all the band’s cheerfully dirty ditties — “Big Balls,” “Whole Lotta Rosie,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” etc — being kept by the wayside, which does make sense for a soundtrack for a film that favors explosions over Scarlett Johansson in form-fitting leather. And so be it — this is good guts-and-guitar music, its only flaw being that it plays it totally safe…unless you stop to consider that it might be a bit of a risk to pitch a collection of 30-year-old music to the teenage audience of Iron Man 2.

Stand-out Tracks: “Shoot To Thrill”, “Back In Black”, “If You Want Blood”, “Let There Be Rock”, “Highway To Hell”

Total Score: 2.5/5 = Almost Good

It is too long!

By Cesar Camacho

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Review On Adam Lambert’s Song – “Whataya Want From Me”

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This is the new and second single released from his debut album “For Your Entretainment”, wich his first single from it failed to become a succes, but hit or not hit, “Whataya Want From Me” prooves that he can do better than his annoying first single. “WTFM” is a phenomenal pop-rock song that shows a vocal growth and control, is not Lambert’s typical rough voice, he is keeping it away for this time, and the tone he uses in “Whataya Want From Me” is excepcional, making this a wonderful, wonderful song. It is clear that Lambert is not that interested in making tpyical radio songs, he tries to make it a little less commercial, but that does not mean the track is bad, if this doesn’t get any airplay, I won’t be upset, it is the kind of those personal pieces, and not for anyone to sing it. If we didn’t know a little too much this American Idol runner up, and we only listen to this, we wouldn’t realize that he’s actually gay.

By Cesar Camacho

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