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Review On Miley Cyrus New Video & Song – “Can’t Be Tamed”

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“Can’t Be Tamed” is the new single from Miley’s new album with same title “Can’t Be Tamed”, but, honestly, this is too different from what Cyrus has done before, I mean, she’s not the “See You Again”, “7 things” or Hanna anymore, she’s reflecting a more adult image this time, but to be this the step one for her new era, well, it’s very weak. “Can’t Be Tamed” has a little bit of various nowdays female artists, so it’s not something fresh, it’s kind of Shakira’s “She Wolf” and Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight”, but worse. The electronic music used on the track is not excelent at all, and the lyrics and vocals at this point you have to wonder, does Miley really has a good voice for this? She tries hard to sound sexy, but is more like teen-desperate 17 years old girl who’s trying to seem like a grown woman. Would it be a hit? No, of course it won’t.

Now let’s the see the video, it starts with a nature freak represented by Cyrus, but is in that part when it seems like GaGa, and the cage tend to remain Shakira’s “She Wolf” video, but Miely doesn’t explode the Shakira’s sexiness (and thank God, she’s too young). Is in the second half of the video when it starts with a Beyoncé and Britney mood, but not at the same way, like I said, this first step is weak, very weak. But to be real, does Miley has to take it? Cause we liked more the old Miley, the next-door girl, and these days, we have now lots of fake GaGas.


Review On Christina Aguilera’s New Video & Song – “Not Myself Tonight”

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Christina has shown us that she’s musically pretty versatile, and now she has just released her new & lead single from the upcoming album “Bionic”, but she has just dissapointed us with it. “Not Myself Tonight” is nearly a clon of her previous single “Keeps Gettin’ Better”, but worse, the lyrics are dumb, and the music is more robotic than it should be, but it’s not weird coming from producer Polow da Don, who is well known (to me)  for his poor-futuristic sound.

Now, let’s get into the video, a very colorful and high-fashion one, but maybe a little too much. The X-Tina era is back, but, a good choice? I’m not sure, more than putting her own essence as she used to do in her music, this seems to be like a “wannabeGaGa” or “wannabeKesha” (And I’m sure GaGa thinks “that’s too much”…) Does Christina really has to behave in this way to sell? With this video & song she has thrown the classy image she built with years, yes, she’s “Not her self tonight”, but we prefer the old Christina, this is trashy…

By Cesar Camacho

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