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Review On Eminem’s New Single – “Not Afraid”

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“Not Afraid” is Eminem’s new and lead single from his up-coming album “Recovery”. After dissapearing a while from important radio airplay and charts with his previous album “Relapse” Eminem has finally come back with “Not Afraid”, and I don’t use to say this to Eminem, but with this single, it’s nice to have him back. “Not Afraid” has debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 1oo because of strong downloads and maybe will start to falling down the charts with time cause this song is not as versatil as previous humoristic Marshal singles, and thank God, this is bigger. “Not Afraid” has shown a growth on Eminem’s music, he’s making deeper lyrics dealing with his own problems like his addiction to drugs. With a very catchy and interesting chorus and dark tone this is ready to stay in your head for several weeks. Although the single is well done, it is very similar to two of his previous singles, like a “Toy Soldiers” meets “Cleaning Out My Closet”,  but the combination is interesting enough, enough to come back to his historic rap career, one that he left for a while.

Review On B.o.B’s Song – “Bet I” feat. T.I & Playboy Tre”

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Bobby Ray is playing the right cards in the game right now, and with his new and third single released from his debut album “The Adventures Of Bobby Ray”  he’s winning it, or at least, a lot of attention from the rap music eye. This new hip-hop artist has shown us what he got with his previous hits “Nothin’ On You” and “Airplanes”, the first one being #1 on the Billboard Charts, and “Bet I” adds to his recent hit list for the next weeks. This song isn’t that different of what we listen to in the hip-hop commercial industry today, and maybe that’s why it is sure this is gonna be a total hit. Like if it wasn’t enough the catchy chorus and danceable tune, we have the brilliant, brilliant colaboration of great rapper T.I bringing on those RAP VERSES (and I have to write it with capital letters) that are for history, and there are lot of rappers out there, but neither Jay-Z can rap it as fast as T.I do, could he make this sound nicer than it is, cause his part is the best part in this song and overshadowing Playbot Tre’s part. The only thing I could criticize is that it’s maybe too long, 4 minutes lenght, but that won’t stop it for the massive radio airplay that will get, and believe me, this comes from “The Hit Factory” that Rihanna, B.o.B, Lady GaGa and Kesha founded this year.

By Cesar Camacho

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